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Thread: TAR re-runs on other networks

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    Originally posted by John
    (ugh, I know I slaughtered that, but I'm too lazy to check
    Yeah, I can tell by the way you run this site that you're a lazy person...

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    Originally posted by dobolina
    Bumpkin, NBCDF--check out Realitycentral.com It has all the info about the upcoming channel. Their tentative start date is Jan 2004.

    NBCDF--ever consider DirecTv?? It seems like you enjoy soap operas....and they have a channel dedicated to Soap Opera reruns and info. Pretty cool

    On topic now....I wish they would release all of the previous TARs on DVD as well. I would buy them in a heartbeat!
    Thanks for link I'll go check it out.

    I would like to get SoapNet, but they don't show sam day reruns of Days of our Lives or Passions, the only soaps I really watch so it wouldn't be worth it.

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    I just went to Realitycentral.com and it says that Brennan Swain is the Reality Star and Fan Relations director/person.

    So, Brennan and Blake, 2 TAR alums ... I guess TAR reruns will definitely be a sure thing on the network, even though they would be anyway even without the two of them.

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    The outdoor life network (OLN) will be airing thursday's episode of the amazing race 4 on Sunday at 8 pm eastern in Canada.

    I'm not sure if the American channel will be showing it as well.

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