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Thread: Do you think AR4 will be better than AR3?

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    Sorry I didn't really enjoy TAR3 mainly due to the underserved winner (Flo). However, people like Ken and Gerard J&J made it the show so much better

    Plus I think TAR4 has a better mix of characters.
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    I wonder if all those models (all seven of them) were added to both give something for horny men to look at and to give somebody for women to dislike, as well as somebody to add conflict...

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    TAR3 for me is the best...i even like FLO...only after the race...hehehe...and "oh Brothers" will be my forever favorite team

    but it looks like TAR4 will be the closest if not equal to TAR3 and I agree with coolman...so many bitches...and evil in this race...

    unlike in TAR3...even in the pit stop, it seems that these team works individually (per team) and treat each other as enemies not competitors...

    though we have to admit that based on the interviews of the eliminated team, most of them has good personality based on their conversation...

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