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Thread: Do you think AR4 will be better than AR3?

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    FORT Fogey
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    They were amusing, but I just found them kind of snobbish and presumptuous...

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    Originally posted by Jayson
    I disagree.... Blake and Paige are totally not like Flo and Zach.
    How you drew this conclusion... I would really like to know.
    Tara/Will vs Terri/Ian
    teams that just give us negative energy
    argues all the time

    K/G brothers vs Danny/Oswald
    graceful losers that bring
    fun and stuff into the race

    twins vs no-brain AR2 winner
    alpha male

    Flo/Zach vs Blake/Paige
    the team that's overlooked by
    a lot of teams early on........
    and the guys are the one that's
    always helping out the girls..

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    I'm not convinced.

    I thought Paige was pretty competitive and held her own in the race.
    I think the differences between the two teams far outweight the similarities (Flo/Zach & Blake/Paige) what do you guys all think?

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    I agree - I wouldn't consider Flo&Zach and Blake&Paige similar at all. Personally, I thought Black and Paige were both strong competitors. And I for one know that I would not be able to get along with my brother as well as those two. Whereas Flo and Zach were completely different. I'm not sure who they would compare to... Maybe Tara and Wil with the gender roles reversed... Except T&W were both obnoxious...

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    well, i tried..........
    but i agree that JVJ has more
    similarities to Blake/Paige......

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    i only viewed half of TAR1 so it would be difficult to comment, but i did feel that Rob and Brennan were deserved winners (and so glad that team Guido lagged a full day behind!)

    TAR2 was interesting with a variety of personalities to spice things up and some great locations. Also, it features my favourite team of all times ~ D & O!!!

    TAR3 is definitely my fave season, since Singapore was featured in it and that makes it all that more appealing to me! So sad thou that it was not Ken & G or JV & J who won the race. (In fact, John Vito & Jill were eliminated here in Singapore, adding insult to injury)

    TAR4, too early to comment...but so far it has been a bit samey for me. i find it uncanny that both father+son teams have opted for the FF in Ep.3 of both last and this seasons!!! Although with very different outcomes which i would have happily reversed

    The teams thus far haven't really stood out characterwise for me, so here's hoping that this will change in the near future and more great locations to be featured (Vienna is really very nice!)

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    So far, TAR 4 simply hasn't captured my interest like TAR 3 did. The teams are self-absorbed and uninteresting; can't say that I like any of them so far (except maybe the clown team).

    The entire TAR concept now seems a little stale. I'm tiring of Phil's endless repetition of what a Roadblock is, what a Detour is, what the Fast Forward is, what the definition of 'is' is... no, wait - that was a quote from another bore.

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    So far, I like last season better! I liked the teams better. Maybe I'll change my mind. Hopefully! I mean, the stuff is fun and all(road blocks, detours) so we'll see. I'm noticing I like one person from a team and not really the entire team. I didn't really have that last season except for Flo and Zac as I liked Zac but not Flo!

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    I will give TAR4 some credit that so far, the scenery in this season has so far been superior to TAR3.

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    The players in TAR4 are more competitive than any of the other seasons, adding a darker touch of this season. The competitiveness gets darker by each season:

    I didn't watch TAR 1 unfortunately.

    TAR 2, the teams are far too lenient with each other whereas the teammates themselves were being too harsh with each other, not a good combination.

    TAR 3, there is a right touch of competitiveness and how do I put this...innocence in the team selections, and the teams were generally more interesting people.

    TAR 4, the teams are competitive with other teams, although there are also quarrels between teammates as well. If you like drama, this season is packed of bickering waiting to happen.

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