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Thread: Do you think AR4 will be better than AR3?

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    Konstanze Jill
    teams in TAR3 have distinct personalities,some r sweet,some r fun...anyway,there's always something for me to cheer up and review it so many times.
    Just as BravoFan ,JV & J,K& G et Twins were teams i was rooting for ,in this new season,i have no favor teams to root for.What i like just the awesome design of detours and roadblocks.
    casting sucks!

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    Right now, I'm still not sure which will turn out to be better. I'll be honest: right now, I haven't seen any teams that are as compelling TV - whether good or bad - as last year. It is still a bit early, so I'm almost certain to eat these words by the finale.

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    I have to agree that TAR3 has to be the best season, even though TAR and TAR2 were still amazing of course. After 3 episodes, TAR3 is far ahead of TAR4, there really aren't many different and unique personalities that are enjoyable or interesting to watch, unlike TAR3 where you had Teri & Ian, Flo & Zach, and the funniest TAR team ever Ken & Gerard. The teams added to the amazing destinations and challenges and I think TAR3 would've very different without many of the contestants.

    Also, even though last week's roadblock and this week's fast forward were hilarious, the detours and other roadblocks don't seem as exciting as before. I think the show was hindered in a way by events happening around January/February.

    I still LOVE the show though!

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    I loved Ken & Gerard and JV & Jill last season (yes I know some people thought they were boring ) I liked those teams from pretty early on. At this point I'm not sure who I'm rooting for this season. Although I can say that I am entertained. I'm pretty impressed with the people who design this race, they think of some pretty cool challenges.

    One thing that annoys me this season is that I can't seem to get a handle on how far apart these teams are from each other. Like they are doing a lot more out of order editing or something. Does it seam more difficult to anybody else, or am I just imagining it? I wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter!

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    I didn't watch TAR1, but I watched every episode of 2 and 3. I enjoyed 3 more, cos the teams seemed more diverse and fun, and sorta had more chemistry.

    I agree with Bravofan, I haven't found a team for me to support as yet, but I like Jon and Al too! They seem really cute and funny. In TAR3, I stuck with Ken and Gerard and the twins. And I loved Oswald and Danny from TAR2. I loved that they went shopping in the midst of the race. Too cool!

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    I loved every TAR season, but it's too early to tell whether AR4 is better than it's previous season. We all have to watch finish the show first, then judge.

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    TAR 1 was pretty good because it was new and had never seen anything like it before. I've been hooked ever since. I think each season was good in their own rite for whatever reason. I find the competition in TAR4 more feirce than I've ever seen in the previous 3. Also, more good looking people this season as well. It would be cool to have a champion edition where the last three teams of each season compete again.....

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    Originally posted by coolman
    but we got Danny/Oswald team in TAR3 too,
    Ken/Gerard are a fun team too,
    they are pretty creative as well,

    also dont u think Ian/Teri are the Will/Tara team of TAR3 too?
    Flo/Zach is Blake/Paige, twins=those 2 models in TAR2,
    and that's how similar TAR2 and TAR3 are.......

    I disagree.... Blake and Paige are totally not like Flo and Zach.
    How you drew this conclusion... I would really like to know.

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    I liked Blake and Paige too and wouldn't compare them to Flo and Zach!

    The really annoying teams to me have been Guido, Tara and Wil, Danny and Oswald, Flo and Zach, and Kelly and Jon so far. I pretty much like all the other teams though...

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    How could you not like Danny & Oswald? Who else would go shopping in downtown (uh oh) was that Hong Kong? Or what about marching into 5-star hotels and using the concierge? They cracked me up!
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