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Thread: TAR 10 - Vipul & Arti

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    They made a very good couple but they just didnt look part of the race...

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    I gotta admit I was surprised at their early exit. They are young, have traveled a bit....should be strong...but man they stunk at that brick laying detour. Seemed like a nice couple though. Shame they were bounced so early.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karalott View Post
    But all I can look at are the size of their backpacks; somehow I think that'll be their undoing
    What could they have possibly had in those things? They were huuuuuge! Too bad they went out so early, I would have liked to see how many wardrobe changes they made throughout the race.
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    i really liked them
    i wanted either them or tyler or james to win
    it was really sad that they had to go
    i thought since they already had an eliminated a pari
    i was hoping they would be safe
    but unfortunately they got eliminated

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    In an interview, they said they didn't have enough money to pay for the cab to the Great Wall and the driver ripped them off by overcharging them. Oh well.
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    I really liked them and was sad to see them leave. They had a really good attitude and outlook on life.
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