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Thread: TAR finale - 5/17 *spoilers*

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    from Blows

    they say it's glenn highway just about past Eagle River
    musk oxen in Palmer

    Independence Mine ???

    Rusts bought K2 Aviation 2 years ago which is based in Talkeetna.

    could be the 2nd detour option
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    With My Thoughts
    Thanks Banzai All the pics are tantalizing. Can't wait to see them roll the reel tonight!

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    I think I would be overjoyed if the team I picked in the beginning and still LOVE btw, actually won TAR! I adore the hippies. They are fun to watch and entertaining. I do think the fact that they are well traveled and speak several languages has helped them along the way. I figured int he beginning that the Frat Boys and the Hippies would be in the final three. I figured out about half way that RaYo would be in the final 3 as well.

    This is the first time I have had 3 teams in the finale that I actually like.
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