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Thread: Official Site's Up

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    The AR5 cast looks o.k., but personally I would still prefer more of what I would call "regular folks". There are some to be sure, but you have an abundance of models, beauty queens, former NFL cheerleader, and someone famous from a previous reality show. For those of us who have and will again apply, the odds would seem that much slimmer with that may slots being filled by these types. Still very much looking forward to the show, however.
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    I am lovin' it. I am so glad the site's backed up and TAR is back to kick some Survivor's butts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by esmattynd
    Is there a reason everyone is so excited about there being only 1 all-male team this year?

    IMHO, the male teams from the first 4 TAR's (especially the clowns, team guido, chip & reichen, the team with the two funny east-coast brothers, the team the first year with the nerdy guy with the glasses and the big guy), have been about 100 times more entertaining than the all-female teams and the co-ed married/dating teams (Flo and Zack? Tara and Will? and this year Allison and Donny? Ack!)

    In addition, all-male teams have won 3 of the 4 TAR's. That shows that male teams can be very competitive and work well together.

    Maybe I'm in the minority on this. But haven't the all-male teams been both more competitive and more entertaining? Why only one this year?

    I am not bothered with the number of co-ed teams but I think they could of added at least another all male team. Its pretty obvious CBS wants a female to win this year and also no 'token gays' included as well which is a first. (unless I have missed something in the bios)
    There was 2 all female teams in TAR 1, 2, 3 & 4, so I think another all male team should of least been included. Alot of focus has been on 'alpha male teams' like David & Jeff who were boring in TAR 4 which is a reason given on why casting should include more females but I can think of some boring all female teams as well. Hopefully this cast will prove me wrong because I'm not impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravs
    I am not bothered with the number of co-ed teams but I think they could of added at least another all male team... also no 'token gays' included as well which is a first...
    I totally agree with you. There are quite a lot of co-ed teams and I already mix them up (the younger couples). I glance the bios quickly, and I found some teams have short relationship only, say 1 year. It is not the same as previous seasons with nealry lot of groups with longer relationship.

    I personally think CBS do it intentionally to take away all those gay people from the show this time.

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    The Amazing Race 6 site is up, but not linked on CBS.
    change the "5" in the link above to "6"
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