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Thread: If there was no NEL in TAR4...

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    Jun 2003

    If there was no NEL in TAR4...

    Reichen and Chip would have won the Amazing Race already!

    Leg 8 ~ Buh-bye Kelly and Jon!

    Leg 9 ~ Sorry Virgins, better luck next time!

    Leg 10 ~ Final Race between the 3 remaining teams and Reichen and Chip would finish 1st, followed by the Clowns and the Goats.

    Now that would have been sweet and amazing!

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    Jun 2003
    You are so funny...!!!! C'Mon, I bet you wanna see a few more episodes of Reichen and Chip in TAR, don't you?

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    If only it could've been that way Kelly and Jon gone....that would've made my day. Maybe even my week.
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    that will be a bad thing for me, since i want kelly and jon to win~

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