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Thread: 3/25 Delayed Start Show Discussion Thread **spoilers**

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    Loved how Charla is puking over the side of the boat and Mirna doesn't bother to lift finger from where she is reclining to help her. Lovely Ozzy steps in to lend a hand, while she watches. Nice.

    And that weird accent they were sporting at the ticket counter? I echo the sentiment...what the heck WAS that? I guess they just don't hear how ridiculous they sound. It's like they are trying to talk to a really stupid and slow foreigner, and yet the people helping them had perfectly understandable and lovely accents.

    I hated that they came in first again, and I also echo Phil's disbelief that they didn't know what a catamaran was. And the lack of enthusiasm for the gift was rude, IMO.

    I wasn't too upset to see Terry and Ian go. Her reluctance to spend the night at the airport in line showed me she wasn't really that interested in jumping to the front of the pack.

    Good airport drama, no bunching, and interesting tasks. I happen to like Uchenna and Joyce, and I thought it was sweet that he had tears in his eyes when talking about jumping with the Maasai and how cool that was for him. I like how they are still enjoying the race. They don't bring the drama like Charla and Mirna, true, but that doesn't equal boring for me. I'm glad they are still in it (although I still wish it were Rob and Amber instead!)

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    I laughed most of the way through this episode. I got smart and set my DVR to record an hour over. No way was I missing another one due to March Madness and 60 Minutes. Bleh.

    I want to know....Did Danielle NOT bring a comb with her? I expected the rats from last week to peek up out of her hair. I was disappointed when they didn't.

    Too Hot To Handle? ROFLMAO! Dream big, girls, dream big. Charla has now picked up Mirna's accent. Shoot me now. Go for the money shot...right between the eyes! Please? Any takers? I'll write a suicide note so nobody suspects you. It's funny that Charla is now the proud owner of a boat! Poetic justice. I will say this....Mirna does have great hair. Her voice is like needles in the eyeball, but her hair is beautiful.

    Danny and Oswald: I missed their season, but I am really enjoying these two! They are adorable! "I come cheap!" "This is our corner!" and "You're such a hand model!" Love them!

    Eric is a weinerhead. Plain and simple.

    I'm glad Teri and Ian are gone. She annoyed the crap out of me! Whiney!

    Finally, Phil is hot! No wonder D&O want to kiss him. I totally get it...lol..

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    Ah... Teri and Ian, I will miss them wish it was Eric and Danielle. I really hated Teri and Ian during their season but halfway through I started to really like them. I wanted to see an older couple go further. Now I have to root for Team Guido. Please, please, please have Team Guido stay longer than Eric and Danielle, just to rub Eric's face in it, the prickhead.
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    This season just gets better & better! Except for the first-place anomoly, unless it's a curse. After all R&A hit 1st 3 times in a row then went. Perhaps we can hope it will happen again???

    Could tell from the comments at the airport (before M&C left) that Teri & Ian were going. Why else would they bother to point out that Teri keeps mentioning Miami and she "might not want to race anymore". The editors might as well have pasted 'losers' on their forehead.

    M&C: Enough with the accents already! I have no doubts they watched themselves repeatedly in the first race (and pointed out how the other teams screwed them over every time), why didn't they pick up on the stupid accents and correct that this time round? Or at least take Marshall & Lance's hint in their letter that Mirna can barely speak English? Watching these two is worse than hearing nails on a chalkboard while chewing aluminum foil wearing a wet wool sweater.

    Could Danny & Oswald get any funnier? I LOVE these two. And it's obvious they're liked by their fellow racers - you never hear bad comments about them. Competitive yet respectful. Hmm, shocking combination (reminds me of my fave team Kris & Jon).

    I'm bored by the Guidos & Uchenna/Joyce. They're okay but aren't too thrilling to watch.

    Cannot stand Eric & Danielle. It's obvious the honeymoon is over. If she hasn't dumped him yet she needs her airhead examined. While I'd love to see M&C go I wouldn't be disappointed to see these 2 out next week.

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    re: C & M, The thing that drives me the most crazy about that "ahksent" is that she speaks so condescendingly. "I speak to youu in ze mahngled Inglish. Why you do not underrrstahnd me?" And then she expects people to help her. I'd be wohhndering what is wrrrong with her.

    I missed D & O in their season. I really like them now and have decided they are my favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea;2296919;
    (although I still wish it were Rob and Amber instead!)

    I found the episode boring. The first half of the show was taken up with the airport silliness. Can someone refresh my memory? I have no recollection of plane transportation times varying by this many hours. Sure played out well for Uchenna and Joyce! (Hmmmm…)

    I’m not a fan of Eric and Danielle, but they was robbed. They were the ones who talked their way into the travel agent’s office. They were at the front of the pack of four. And yet, they wound up being the ones left behind. U and J were at the back of that pack. How did they wind up at the front? (Hmmmm…)

    Mirna couldn’t go over to Schmirna and at least make sure she didn’t fall overboard? I’m not surprised! It’s exactly what I would expect from her. I’m also wondering in which country Mirna will get arrested on kidnapping charges.

    I’m not remotely sorry Terry and Ian are leaving.

    At this point if anyone other than Ozzie and Danny win I won’t give a…
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle David;2297126;

    I found the episode boring. The first half of the show was taken up with the airport silliness. Can someone refresh my memory? I have no recollection of plane transportation times varying by this many hours. Sure played out well for Uchenna and Joyce! (HmmmmÖ)

    Iím not a fan of Eric and Danielle, but they was robbed. They were the ones who talked their way into the travel agentís office. They were at the front of the pack of four. And yet, they wound up being the ones left behind. U and J were at the back of that pack. How did they wind up at the front? (HmmmmÖ)
    But were Eric/Danielle last to put their names on the standby list? Because if so, even if they were the first to get into the travel agents office, their boot off the plane was justified.

    This is the third time I can recall that a similar airport situation happened. The first was when Peggy/Claire, during the third leg of TAR2 booked a flight to South Africa via New York/London/Johannesburg (while all the other teams managed to book a flight that had just one connection in Europe...I've never understood what the grannies were thinking but their elimination was three legs overdue). But anyway, they missed their connection in London to South Africa. As a result, the producers had to extend that PS to a 36 hour one because the grannies were that far behind. The second was Dennis/Andrew on the third leg of TAR3. They couldn't get a flight out of Mexico City to London, but once arriving they went for the FF. I'm not sure how far behind they ended up after anyone else, but it was pretty far. And it probably would have happened during TAR5, the leg Charla/Mirna got eliminated in, had Colin and his camp not changed their plane tickets from a connection in Switzerland to one in Bahrain.

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    Earlier in TAR 5, the teams got spread out a bit too when they had to fly from Argentina to Russia. Not as much as this time, but air travel can make teams fall behind seriously. The surprise to me, is not that it happens so rarely but that it's relatively rare.

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    Ok, after having slept on it i woke to think about what I liked, loved and loathed about the ep last night.

    I like Uchenna and Joyce, they are still taking so much joy about their experiences.

    I like the beauty queens, they are funny and laid back so far. They race well and have shown repsect to all of the other teams.

    I like Team Guido. They solved that puzzle so fast and got rid of Teri the whiner.

    I love Danny and Oswald. They have to be the two coolest contestants we have. They are nice and helpful with every team, but still run the race. But seriously, how long did it take to buy that fruit! They were well ahead of Charla/Mirna and then got so far behind! They are my absolute favs on this season.

    I loathe Eric/Danielle. They are so petty. Danielle speaks like a dock worker and Eric is a tool.

    I loathe Mirna and Charla. Their entitlement act is ridiculous. They do not deserve anything. Their weird accents make them sound uneducated. And they show very little respect for each other. I would think after actually watching their original season they would try to behave better, but I guess they are just too delusional about how very wonderful they are.

    I loathe Teri and Ian as a team. She gave up. He was the only member of their team that said a word about fighting to stay in the race, that they were going to finish no matter what. She just sat there looking ready to leave. I hate when one team member checks out.

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    i think they should better have the equalizer at the airport
    the time discrepancy between flights and boats to depart is too big
    even some are better at their tasks at the detour or roadblock are unable to catch up

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