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Thread: 4/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Go Zev and Justin! So glad they made it through the cheese lol. I always say - never take the food challenge, but they proved me wrong tonight.

    Sorry to see the Cowboys go. I kept hoping for Vyxen and Kent to go. God that boy whines more than anyone I've ever known.

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    Re: 4/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Upon rethinking about the Roadblock, I can't say that I can blame the team for sharing the answers when the Production left it wide open.

    What they should've done is - instead of having the teams write a number down, had the person at the end check the odometer. That way, there would be no sharing answers and if the team rode the wrong path, then they had to go back.

    This would have a drawback of course in that you couldn't make a wrong turn, realize how many miles you were off and subtract it from your total, but it would make you follow the map properly and would avoid the issue of giving the answer to others and therefore prevent "alliances" of this sort.

    I'm all for help when it's something serious - an injury or the case of Mallory giving Zev earplugs, more comfort than an advantage. I am against flat out alliances of this sort.

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    Re: 4/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I have gone back and forth with my opinion about sharing answers. I don't mind it (right now). The Globetrotters shared and it came back to bite them. Every team they shared with beat them to the pit stop. (I am unsure if they shared with the goths or not. The edit was weird). I also think it might have been the reason nobody u-turned them. Being friends with others pays off.
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    Re: 4/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilden View Post
    Is anyone else wondering if "sharing" answers is going to cause problems rather quickly? Now that the Cowboys, whom the rest of the competitors seemed so unduly worried about have been eliminated, will the answer "sharing" continue? And if it does, aren't some teams inevitably going to start being left out, because they're looked upon as threats to win too?
    I wouldn't call it unduly, for two reasons:

    (1) Aside from the fact that they aren't very big, the Cowboys are arguably the most athletic team ever to compete on the Race.

    (2) Christina(?) noted their extreme efficiency in getting physical tasks done. Yeah, intellectual challenges seemed to be their undoing (in both races), but physically they were nearly untouchable. As a matter of fact, I'm not even convinced that the GTs would beat the Cowboys in a foot race.

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    Re: 4/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    This was a bad episode. The only good part was the scenery, but even then, was it Christmas or something?

    There needs to be a rule against giving out the answer. The 22km roadblock was totally botched cause of it. Instead of almost all of them having to do it correctly, one team does it and then the rest o the team copies, like juvenile cheating.

    Why did any of them even CONSIDER the cheese task? Classic case of "Fool me once, fool me twice." The jokes on you... you JUST had a food challenge and should know they are always lots of food or something disgusting. If you don't by now, then perhaps you aren't "All Stars" after all.

    What happened to Justin's eye? It looks almost bruised. And Zev is really annoying, as well as Kent. Kent whines too much.

    The double uturn turned into a single uturn. They should make a rule against that. If you are team 4 you MUST uturn. It became a "kick last player further back turn".

    Jet and Cord are brothers? They don't look related at all.

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    Re: 4/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I am glad the Cowboys are gone, I have never liked them.....

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    Re: 4/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I am completely confused how someone cannot mess with equipment to slow down a team, but they can literally give someone an answer on a task. Zev and Justin and the Cowboys were the only teams that got the answer right on their own. I am also disgusted that the Cowboys had to eat all that fondue when clearly they were already done for at that point. It could have been a team I hated, and I would have been disgusted with the way they were treated in the Cowboys position.

    I think that a u turn and a double u turn should have to be utilized by the first team or first two teams there. That would make them race harder. It was completely stupid to u turn one team like that, they were already done.

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    Re: 4/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus View Post
    Since other teams amongst those remaining are doing generally better than the Cowboys, but not causing the others to want to push them to the back, I'm going to assume that the remaining competitors get the same bad vibe from the Cowboys that I do. I can't explain it, but I find there to be something intangibly unpleasant about them.
    Actually, several of the competitors have said that the Cowboys seem to always catch up/pull it out. They had the uncanny ability to catch up when it didn't seem likely. I also got the distinct feeling that they kept to themselves. Perhaps this is just their nature. That being the case, it would explain the others helping each other out and not the cowboys. They were all threatened by them and didn't have a close bond.

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    Re: 4/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I don't think that they should have have a situation where a U-Turn MUST be used. Things on these shows are done to create drama and suspense, and if you know what's going to happen it creates maybe a little suspense but no drama and no fallout from using the U-Turn. If anything, I'd love if they eliminated the U-Turn all together.

    That's also the reason I believe they allow the sharing of answers. It creates drama. Who do you choose to share the answers with? Will they stab you in the back in return? What happens when you decide not to share? Will sharing put a target on your back? Eventually the sharing must end, will it then lead to backstabbing? I do hope that in the future there will be a rule about sharing. Do I think one is coming anytime soon? Not really. Sharing is nothing new on the race. Eventually there was going to come a time when players were going to use it as an advantage to team up and knock out a tougher competitor. The cowboys were a threat. They come from behind like no other team left on the race. They are a true physical threat. It made sense for the teams to try to get rid of them before the final 3 to try and give themselves any advantage they could in the end. It's funny how a couple of weeks ago people were upset at Kent for promising to help Gary and then leaving him. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. Again, it's the drama producers are looking for. Who to help, when, why, and when will it come back to bite you in the butt?

    I hate that the cowboys went out that way, but the other teams didn't break any of the current rules. I feel bad for the cowboys, but I'm still really enjoying this season so far. It hasn't been perfect, but it's been pretty darn good. I doubt there would have been so much fan fallout if a less popular team had gone out that way.
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    Re: 4/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I'm confused by all of this sharing of the answers and skipping the task. How many times have teams received penalties at the mat for not completing a task or not following directions correctly? Sharing information and completely skipping a roadblock or challenge should definitely be penalities for both the team sharing and the team skipping. BIG dark cloud of this season...

    Next gripe... Why have a U-Turn at the end of a leg? There was no chance that a u-turned team could make up the time. Put it somewhere in the middle of a leg so a team has a smidgen of a chance at catching up and overcoming it. Blah!

    BYE Cowboys--love you guys!!

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