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Thread: 5/24 AAG Marathon

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    5/24 AAG Marathon

    There is a AAG marathon running all day today on the ABC Family channel all day, they are going through all of the episodes, and then at 9/8c they will be airing the finale, which has not yet been shown.... they have also brought in three of the girls that got cut to chat about some of the stuff..... It's the xyz'd show if any of you have seen it before....

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    And now the end is near...

    Thanks, Gizmo. I will watch it. Well, not the entire thing, but the finale.

    Funny how this show was so disorganized and all over the place that even though it got better eventually, the audience had deserted it.

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    I definitely wouldn't watch it if I wasn't friends with one of the contestants. I went to undergrad with Natalie. Oh, and they are bringing in each of the booted contestants as soon as they get kicked off, so that's kind of nice. I'm just watching the episodes I missed, but they have them all... I don't know why this show didn't get better ratings, though. Then, ABS made it even worse by changing around the times and taking it off the air and all that.

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