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Thread: Well folks, it's the final nail in the coffin for AAG!

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    Well folks, it's the final nail in the coffin for AAG!

    Hello, just thought I'd let you know what I saw on the ABC website this morning:

    Thursday, May 1, 10/9c on ABC Family

    ABC Family will air All American Girl, beginning this Thursday, May 1. The two girls with the least votes from last week will be eliminated and revealed in a dramatic opening and the remaining four contestants will continue on their quest. Then, America votes one final time to decide who is the All American Girl.

    The winner will be announced in a special half-hour finale episode immediately following an eight hour marathon Saturday, May 24, beginning at 1 PM.

    Well, it looks like ABC has given AAG the proverbial "shove under the rug" that we've all been expecting. It really sucks for the girls left...who's going to see them now?!? I guess AAG has finally been put out of ABC's minds by foisting us off on ABCFamily, which most people do not have. Oh well, better change the time on the forum listing again.


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    So, it won't be airing on ABC at all, but will instead air on ABC Family. That totally blows. Ashley, let me say right now that I'm glad you "jumped ship" before things got REALLY wierd. I would have felt even worse for you to have been a part of the craptastic scheduling of this show.

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    Not surprised at all......this show was a turn off to alot of people because of the way they eliminated contestants and seemed to glorify what they considered were their faults....and there was no set standards....they would say one girl was not good in this or that....and then you would see another one that was far worse.....the producers should be ashamed of the way they handled a show that could have been great....

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    Thanks for posting this, Ashley. That sucks...I am definitely going to watch, though, because I am still pulling for my neighbor (Monica), and I was at a BBQ supporting her this weekend so I'm gonna watch for myself. (Reality TV as we know it is great, but reality TV featuring ME...wow. I'm getting goosebumps. Look out, world!!!)


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    i figured it was coming.

    thanks for the info, ash. you'll do fine in spite of this mess of a show.

    annnnnnnnnnnd, my recaps are officially over. i'm one tv addict without cable!

    over and out!

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