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Thread: Why let the public vote?

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    Why let the public vote?

    After reading: This show is still on? post aka Episode 5 recap. It made me wonder why even let the public vote. The should have pulled a survivor and let the girls talk conspire to get each other off. That would have made for much better television. There is also a conspiracy theory circulating on the official ABC message board website that the votes really don't matter anyway and that the show executives all ready pre-determined the winner. Any thoughts on that here in the real world of reality T.V. fans? I see it as plausable.

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    I honestly don't think we'll see who the eventual AAG is, because this show's getting cancelled. I don't have any proof to back that up, but I can see it coming. It's got all the signs.

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    Final Show taping May 4th

    On tvtickets they say that the last show is scheduled to tape on May 4th. Looks like your prediction is almost right. They are just going to have to get rid of at least two girls per week. I wish Ashleys mom could enlighten us. I would think that she would know more. Well for now I would go with the audience company, they are in the business to get people to the shows. Looks like the final show will be May 8th.

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