UCO Graduate A Finalist For 'All-American Girl'

From ChannelOklahoma.com
POSTED: 3:51 p.m. CDT April 8, 2003
UPDATED: 5:21 p.m. CDT April 8, 2003

EDMOND, Okla. -- A recent University of Central Oklahoma graduate is among 10 finalists set to compete for the title in the ABC reality show "All American Girl."

Initially, Tarah Paige was one of 45 girls selected from among hundreds of 18- to 25-year-old girls who participated in a nationwide open call audition to compete in the televised competition. Within the first three weeks of the program, the girls competed in areas of athletic ability, mental agility, performance in the popular arts and beauty, and the field was narrowed down to 10 by a group of judges.

Beginning April 9, viewers of the program will be allowed to vote on who they think should win the title of "All American Girl."

Paige, 20, arrived in Edmond and began her education at UCO in 1998 after graduating from high school in Arizona at age 15. At that time, she was a student of Steve Nunno's at Edmond's Dynamo Gymnastics.

After graduating, Paige moved to California where she planned to pursue a career as an actress/recording artist.

The next episode of "All American Girl" featuring Paige is scheduled to air locally Wednesday at 9 p.m.