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Thread: Ashley Esqueda - Contestant

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    Ah, well, it's wherever the wind takes me!

    As for the show....I really can't say who's going to win this one. America sees so little of everyone, since I personally know everyone, it is impossible for me to say, as I think each one should win for a different reason. You can email me if you'd like to discuss this more...my email is on my website! Nice talking to you!


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    hey ashley!
    b/c abc kept jerking around the timeslots, i totally missed tonight's episode. i am guessing you were voted off. i'm really sorry, but if it's any consolation, the network has done a disservice to the contestants on this show by all the moving around and cancellations. hell, locally, it was pre-empted last week by a telethon!

    you'll do great in the future. and don't let anyone give you a hard time about your very thin arms. i sport a pair of buggy whips myself.

    take care and keep in touch!

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    More Bio Info for those interested

    Now that Ashley has officially been eliminated from the competition here is some more Bio information about Ashley as a person.
    Ashley is a very strong opinionated young lady. She thinks things through before committing to anything. She gives 110% of herself in all of her endeavors. She is super ultra smart and if the show asked trivia questions she could have blown the others out of the water. Ashley does not drink at all. Although the show portrayed Ashley as an Athlete she is an Athlete in the sport of Volleyball only. She never stated that she was an all arounder. Ashley would rather read than watch television. Ashley is a giving individual with a big heart. Ashley is a 7th generation native Californian. Ashley is also a decendant of Andrew Jackson (So next time you go to the ATM or spend a $20 bill you can think of Ashley). Ashley has won many awards academically as well as in the sport of Volleyball. She lost a full scholarship to a Division one University, as well as her 14 & under volleyball team because of her decision to be on this show. She has no regrets and can not tell you enough how much it meant to her to see all of the support shown for herself and the other contestants on this message board. She really is the ALL AMERICAN GIRL

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