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It’s like one of my family reunions, only with prettier people and without any aunts crying about how they really should have inherited grandma’s china.

She steps off a bit and then drops her drawers, yelling “Oh yeah, you want it?” like the classy lady she is.

Mark asks if she’s turned on by him. Instead of just saying “yes” like any sensible person, she turns it into this big touchy-feely moment in which she straddles him, puts his hand to her heart and hers to his, and stares into his eyes and says very seriously that when it’s like this, that turns her on.

Does anyone else see the irony in a woman who is on a reality dating show competing for the affections of one man lecturing other women about female empowerment?

The Tent-Crawl of Shame

and then having it used against her seems “desperate, so super-immature, and very sad.” I don’t think anyone who uses the term “super-“anything can throw stones.
Grerat recap, Lucy.
I've lost interest in watching the show, but I do want to know who 'wins' so I'll use your recaps as a far more entertaining way to find out.
I fear Mark will hitch his wagon to the Amanda.
Big mistake, imo, but his call.