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Thread: 6/18 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

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    Re: 6/18 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    I'm just watching the first episode now...I could go to the parking lot at my 10 year old daughter's school at 3:30 tomorrow and easily find 10 better looking cougars...it wouldn't take me 5 minutes! Although, none of them are successful either - their husbands are though!!

    As for the kittens...yes, I agree, some of them look really damn old!! And again, I could head to a nightclub here and it would take me maybe 10 minutes (harder to deal with drunk girls!) to round up 10 that would be better looking!

    I'm guessing that this show has a really low budget!!

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    Re: 6/18 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Those opening credits are driving me nuts! There are only 37 stories in the building and they keep showing a button labeled 40 for the older women.... unless they can levitate 3 floors above the Penthouse?

    And, I know they are not on the top floor, because Mark P has the Penthouse.

    The building used for filming is 1100 Wilshire. They were actually in the final renovation phases during filming. The building was being converted from an office building to residential condos.
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