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Thread: Mark Consuelos - Host

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    Re: Mark Consuelos - Host

    Just out of curiosity, how did this guy get assigned to host EVERY trashy dating reality show this summer? He's apparently on more than one at once right now.

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    Re: Mark Consuelos - Host

    "Science of Love" is a one hour special, not a series. I guess TPTB thought it would be a good tie in with Age of Love. The special is produced by the same company as well...

    The "JD" guy from 3 Ball seems quite high on Mark.


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    Re: Mark Consuelos - Host

    So what happened to Mark Consuelos? The last we saw of him was in the first five minutes of last week's episode saying "You're going camping!" and then -- poof! He's gone.

    I made a point to watch Regis and Kelly this morning. When Regis asked her what she did last night Kelly said "I watched the Age of Love" and talked about it just for a minute or two, with no mention of her husband at all.

    And she kept referring to Jen as the 46-year-old.

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