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Thread: Age of Love: "Kittens" vs. "Cougars" *NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!!!*

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    Age Difference

    It certainly doesn't seem to be an 'equal' age difference between the guy and the cougars and the guy and the 'kittens'. The guy is what...30? The kittens are all in their 20's...many 25 or older...that makes a 5 year or less difference in age.
    Consider that the youngest of the cougars at 40 ...there would still be a 10 year age difference.

    Would have made more sense for the guy to be mid-30's to really be a test of age.

    My guess is that he chooses a kitten. From my perspective, Amanda is the only one left in the entire lot..that would make sense for him to choose.

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    Re: Age Difference

    Quote Originally Posted by baxpup;2461089;
    Would have made more sense for the guy to be mid-30's to really be a test of age.
    I agree! The way it's set up now, he is closer to the 20's age group. If he had been mid 30's, it would have put him more in the middle of the two groups.
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    Re: Age of Love: "Kittens" vs. "Cougars" *NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!!!*

    I just found the funniest video. Flip-Fan put us on to one of them on youtube but I found the rest of the footage I had heard about it but did not want to say anything until it could be proven. Maria is really agressive as you will see I can understand why Mark P was a little put off after their limo ride check out the video... put in xomarkphillipousis (don't think I spelled the last name right) in the search at youtube and you will see two videos come up with Mark and Maria in the Limo last week. It's quite forward on her part for someone who just met the guy a couple of weeks before. Have Fun!!

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    Re: Age of Love: "Kittens" vs. "Cougars" *NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!!!*

    Thank you, riskmikey! Wow, Maria is quite the "cougar!" She would be a blast to be around.
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    Re: Age of Love: "Kittens" vs. "Cougars" *NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!!!*

    I am a cougar fan (birds of a feather I guess) but different cougars are needed. Of the kittens, I think Megan seems the most grounded, but different kittens are needed. Not crazy about Amanda, but then again I am not blown away about the bach himself, different bach is needed. I don't see game, set, match with any of them. I liked Jayanna at first, but not so much now. I guess I'll keep watching just to see the train wreck. It's hard to watch a "love" show when you just can't feel the love.

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    Re: Age of Love: "Kittens" vs. "Cougars" *NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!!!*

    The show has started airing in Australia. Here is a hilarious review in an Aussie newspaper.
    The bachelor boy himself is exactly as you'd expect - slack-jawed, slightly startled and about as quick-witted as Sebastian Bach on a heavy dose of Rohypnol.
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