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Thread: 30 Days Premiere: Frugal Is As Frugal Does

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    Excellent re-cap! Yes, this show differs quite a bit from Survivor or The Bachelor (in a really good way), so I was wondering how FORT would tackle the re-caps. You've done this show great justice with your writing skills!

    I think I am really gonna like Alex and Morgan - and I hope we get to see more of Alex in upcoming episodes.

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    Otis, thank you for helping me relive how great the premiere episode was! I hope the other guinea pigs are as amusing as Alex and Morgan.
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    Wow - amazing recap!! Well done

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    Great recap!

    Morgan really put himself (and his fiance) out there to show how hard it is for those who are barely squeaking by. I am really looking forward to the other shows and their various topics.

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    Maybe next time that he does sumptin' about living on min. wage, he should try living in L.A.

    I make more than ten bux an hour and still cant make enough to live in this dang town. If i got free couches i might have a chance at makin' it too.

    He complained about not having enough money to pay his ER bill....c'mon, what his girl needed was some stinkin' Cranberry juice and a gag!

    How is it that he couldn't get a REAL job, maybe filing or even telemarketing, he took a job that he COULD NOT handle. He's making this show toooo un-realisitc.

    Isn't this supposed to be a REALITY SHOW?????

    *That is All*

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