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Thread: 11/08 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    I too could not watch this. I don't care if the people who sign up for a reality show gets humiliated, etc. They signed up for it. But it is wrong to pull stuff like this on unsuspecting people, and just like those hideous hidden camera shows the producers try to sugar coat it by calling it a hoax, or prank. It is mean spirited, and cruel.In fact as for hidden camera shows I think they should be against the law. Some of you will say they all have fun when its over and alot do. What concerns me is the people who refuse to sign a release, the ones we don't hear about, but know it happens. The people who are really upset,especially if set up by a friend or loved one. You shouldn't't be allowed to mess with someone on tape secretly, then say gotcha, and by the way sign here.
    Just my thoughts, lets see if I get jumped on now.


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    Well, I watched episode 1, so I may as well watch the other 2. But it is seeming a bit mean-spirited to me. I really enjoyed My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. I don't really consider it "cruel" to marry someone your family doesn't like - it happens all the time. And besides, Steve was hilarious. But to win a large sum of money and turn into a self-centered biatch who won't share her prize with her family, well that just is cruel.

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    well i feel bad because the family didnt sign up for this

    i like this family a lot better than randy's family in my big fat obnxious fiancee

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    It is cruel, but hey that what she signed up for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by E-Daddy
    It is cruel, but hey that what she signed up for.
    But the family didnt

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    Are you guys serious? If she comes through with this, the family gets some 400k package thing...I find it hard to feel sorry for them.

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