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Thread: 11/08 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Yes, I pretty much try. And please don't use lingo on our site, per our rules.

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    had to laugh at the previews for next week with the singing i have to check that out

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    LOL @ KAREN14
    (Maybe the prizes will be all the stuff she fake buys and the $400k..)

    Well her 6 brothers are going to look funny in all that Britney Spears clothing and jewelry *TeeHee* )~

    The show rocked. I laughed so hard. I guess we all wondering what the prizes are going to be. I hope for her sake it is worth it.

    BTW all the responses you nuttys posted here made me laugh you people are too funny. Thank you)

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    Poor family. They are great. I loved watching the joy! It's too bad it's all a lie. I think the show is a bit too mean spirited towards the family. All the insults and staged events for denegrating the family members are terrible. They never signed up for it. Overall, the show is ok, but the family is just so nice that I wish the hoax wasn't on them. Look how supportive they are after day one. I think it's a guarantee that the whole family will be there on the last day. I just hope they get a good reward for putting up with all the nonsense.

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    I couldn't watch this disaster but at least I know what happened after reading your posts. It's a little too mean spirited for my taste.
    Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day---Harry S. Truman

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    Xantham Gum
    Yeah, I might just do what I did with "My Big, Fat, Obnoxious Fiance" and just watch the very last episode when they find out the truth since that's the big payoff for these type of shows.

    Plus, why did they blur out the Superman logo (gosh, I guess that is what it was under that Superman-logo-shaped blur, good thing they prevented us from knowing what it was) but left the Captain America logo naked for all to see? I know Time-Warner owns DC comics characters but does NBC have a deal with or a corporate relationship with Marvel comics?

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    I started watching this, I really did. I saw her in the limo on the way, I saw her walk the carpet, I saw her talk and decide to do it. I also saw her shiver from the wind. I wanted to lend her my shawl-it's a pale off-white crocheted shawl that would have kept her shoulders warm and not clash with her green dress, but I decided to turn the tv off. This is too mean spirited for my taste. Either way, someone gets hurt. Either the family (during her selfish spending spree), or her (when her family turns on her when she's being selfish). I'll limit my time to reading about it through all of your eyes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by psucashcow
    It's a little too mean spirited for my taste.
    Yes, exactly what I was saying after only seeing the last 20 minutes of it. It would be a fun practical joke on the brothers (it's ever so much fun to torment siblings ) but Mom & Dad are looking really hurt. Not cool at all.
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    I'm enjoying this show so far, but I do have to point out that My big fat obnoxios wedding had a far more attrative blonde in Randy than this girl.

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    Is this show being re-run at all? I missed the premiere!!
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