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    About the Show

    "$25 Million Dollar Hoax" is NBC's newest one-hour unscripted series about a daughter who plays a "practical hoax" on her family by convincing them she has won the lottery and changed from a level-headed, sweet girl to a selfish spend-a-holic. Veteran prize-presenter Ed McMahon ("Star Search," "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson") and George Gray ("The Weakest Link") help set up the ruse.

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    From The Calgary Sun


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    Dallas star Howard Keel dies
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    Monday, November 8, 2004

    NBC's '$25 Million' cruel joke
    By SARAH KENNEDY -- Calgary Sun
    Reality TV has hit a new low.

    Willingly signing yourself up to participate in a reality show that ends up being a hoax is one thing. After all, you signed up.

    Dragging your innocent, unsuspecting family into the voyeuristic wasteland takes things to a much darker, more sinister low.

    NBC should be proud of themselves, they've managed to out-trash the shameless reality lords at FOX.

    NBC's latest addition to the barrage, $25 Million Dollar Hoax, features a young woman named Chrissy, who pretends -- to her not so well-off family -- that she has won $5 million.

    To authenticate the cruel scam, Ed McMahon even shows up on their doorstep with the faux cheque and several bottles of celebratory champagne.

    One of her younger brother's elatedly shouts, "we're not going to be poor anymore."

    If the prank isn't sick enough, McMahon takes the time to ask Chrissy's parents and each of her six brothers, now that they have $5 million, what is the one thing they would want more than anything?

    They eagerly list things off -- a computer, their own bedrooms, pay off college debts.

    And things only get worse.

    The family is then swept off on a private jet to a luxurious hotel in Palm Springs where Chrissy has five days to turn into a greedy, materialistic beast -- spending the fake winnings on only herself, as her family watch in disbelief.

    If after five days she manages to pull off the scam, then her family will be given $400,000 US.

    Big whoop!

    After seeing Chrissy spend one-quarter of that during the first day -- an $80,000 Hummer and five outfits worth enough money to feed a small African village -- and truly believing all their long-term financial woes would be fixed, what the heck is $400,000 going to do?

    It certainly won't patch up the hurt felt by the family after they discover she lied and humiliated them on national television.

    And it's not likely to erase their crushing disappointment when they realize that all their dreams surrounding the $5-million were nothing but, well ... dreams.

    In the end, the joke will likely be on Chrissy herself.

    As her family is torn apart and resentment towards her ferments, NBC will be the one rolling in the profits.


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