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Thread: 16 and Pregnant Recap Allie 6/21: Crazy Crack Granny

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    16 and Pregnant Recap Allie 6/21: Crazy Crack Granny

    Welcome back to another week of 16 and Pregnant! If you are anything like me, you are anxious for this season to be over with. I'm actually really excited for Teen Mom 3! Even though these shows are like train wrecks and most of the girls are hot messes, I still enjoy my guilty pleasure of trashy reality TV! We are in luck, because this week is the finale!

    This week we meet Allie, a 16 year old girl who is starting her senior year of high school. You know, it seems like most of these girls are starting their senior years at the age of 16. That has always baffled me. Aren't most people 16 in like 10th or 11th grade? Who knows. She lives in Pasadena, Texas but she is no Texan. She moved with her dad from New Jersey. Her boyfriend is a sophomore in high school, but since he is a football player, she's willing to overlook his age. Wow. They were only dating about 2 months when Allie found out she was pregnant. She was on the pill but she missed a few days. These people drive me crazy. BE RESPONSIBLE!! You were responsible enough to get on the pill... please take it regularly! I swear there should be birth control in the water in some cities.

    When Allie told her mom she was pregnant, her mom told her to get an abortion. When she told her dad, he said she needs to give the child up for adoption or get out of his house. She will be moving in with Joey at his parents' house. Yolanda, Joey's mom, isn't thrilled about the pregnancy. She also has a little drug problem. That's probably good for their baby. Just kidding. Allie and Joey want to move in with his grandma in Pasadena (Joey's place is 20 min away), but she says there isn't enough room. She brings everyone together to try to figure out a plan.

    Allie wants to put the baby in day care, but Yolanda doesn't trust day care. Joey's gram thinks they are safer now that they have cameras and day care might be the only option. They bash Allie's dad a bit and she tells them she doesn't like that. Even though he threw her out, he still took care of her.

    Allie talks to her mom on the phone and she says that even if she misses the birth, she will be there when Allie is in the hospital. She doesn't want to come to Texas for any other reason than to see Allie. She is proud of Allie and glad Allie is doing well in school.

    Allie and Joey find out they are having a boy, and they decide to name him Aydenn. Allie doesn't want Joey's mom in the delivery room because she is loud and might stress Allie out. Allie's mom sent some money so Allie and Joey go shopping.

    Joey's mom has been “on edge” lately and asks Joey and Allie to stay with his gram for the weekend. Yolanda tells Allie that she irritates her sometimes. She asks for a banana and Allie tosses one and Yolanda flips out. Allie says that Yolanda lets them live there but doesn't really take care of them. Yolanda yells that Allie isn't her daughter and she starts dropping F bombs. She goes after Allie and Joey steps in to push his mom out of the way. Yolanda starts flipping out about how Joey hit her (he really didn't) and she calls her mom to scream about how Joey hit her and nobody wants Allie and #$#^ this and @#% that. Yikes. We have a hot one folks. She threatens to “F” Joey up and “F” Allie up even if she's pregnant. Oh yeah, did I mention Joey's little brother is sitting there through all of this? Ugh. He is holding his ears. She screams that she might be a @#$%^ drug addict, but at least she took care of Joey. He says he is going to call the police. She tells them they have to get out, but then she leaves.

    Allie calls her mom and her mom offers for her to move back to New Jersey. Allie doesn't think she can because Joey is too young to leave his family. They go to Joey's gram's and she offers for them to live with her for a year or so until they can get on their feet. Allie and Joey take some family and friends with them to get their stuff from Joey's mom's place. Yolanda doesn't let Allie inside. Joey's gram (Belen) tells Yolanda she should be ashamed of herself. She starts yelling and screaming at Belen and then runs outside and starts screaming at Allie.

    Allie and Joey practice their parenting skills by sleeping with a teddy bear to pretend it's a child. They also diaper the cat. Wow. Diapering the cat might be my favorite moment of the season.

    Joey's mom hadn't talked to them for 2 weeks, but then she all of a sudden she starts calling them nonstop. She tells them she has some important news. She is going to rehab. She wants to be clean and sober for her children and for the baby. Joey wants to know why this time is going to be different and she says it will be different because she really wants it.

    Allie and Joey go to the doctor and she finds out that she will be induced that week. She calls her mom to give her the news, hoping that her mom can come for the birth. Her mom says she won't be able to be there because of her job, blah blah. Wow. I can't believe her mom couldn't work something out so she could be there for her 16 year old daughter's delivery day.

    Yolanda is back from detox/rehab/whatever and Allie knows she has to rely on Joey's family now more than ever. Joey's mom seems excited about the baby and Allie now wants her to be in the delivery room. She has been laying in bed for 4 hours when the doctor comes in to give her some medicine to help delivery along and to break her water. 11 hours into labor, Allie is ready to push. Soon after, a 7lb 3 oz Aydenn Anthony is born.

    Allie sent her dad a picture of the baby, but he didn't ask what hospital she was in or anything. The first night the baby is at home, Joey sleeps through the night while Allie takes care of the baby. That's nothing new on this show. Joey goes to school during the day, then has football, then comes home and plays video games. Allie is aggravated that he isn't helping more. She is hoping he helps out more once she goes back to school.

    It's time for Allie's mom's visit and Allie and Aydenn meet her at the airport. Allie's mom thinks Joey is cute. Allie's mom looks like she could be a piece of work. Joey comments that the baby smells, yet he doesn't do anything about it.

    Allie and her mom go out to dinner, and her mom lets it be known she doesn't think Allie and Joey are going to stay together. She tells Allie she can come live in New Jersey. Allie's mom leaves and Allie isn't sure what she wants to do with herself.

    The time comes for Allie to head back to school, and she needs Joey more than ever to help her with Aydenn. He claims he helps her with the baby, but she insists that he doesn't even change diapers. Allie's alarm goes off extra early because she has to get Aydenn ready for day care. She likes seeing her friends again, but balancing homework and a baby is tough. She talks to Joey's gram about Joey not really helping. Belen says they both have to adjust to being parents and Allie needs to talk to Joey or it isn't going to last.

    Allie talks to Joey and asks why he doesn't help and why he complains when she asks him to help. He says the truth is he's lazy. He says he doesn't realize when the baby needs changed. She asks Joey what he wants. She tells him that she will let him go back to his immature ways and his normal life. He is angry with her, tells her he is miserable with her, and decides to start sleeping on the couch.

    When Allie is at school the next day, Joey starts sending her text messages asking why things can't be why they used to be, etc. She goes home and tells him it's time for them to break up. He tells her that she is ungrateful because he is trying to provide for her and put a roof over her head. Hmm.. that's not you honey, that's your gram. They argue some more. She tells him he doesn't help her with the baby and he says he tries. She packs her stuff and he cries. She takes a suitcase and leaves. I'm not sure where she's going, but she leaves. She calls her friend Ashley and asks if it's okay if she stays there and her friend Ashley says yes. They pick Aydenn up from day care and go to Ashley's place.

    Allie admits that parenting isn't at all what she thought it was going to be. She wants to stay in Texas for a few more months to finish high school. She calls her mom and her mom wants her to move to New Jersey right away. Originally, Allie thought that she wanted her son to have two parents. Now she realizes that she wants Aydenn to grow up in a happy and stable environment, even if it means having just one parent around.

    Well folks, that's the end of this season of 16 and Pregnant. The next episode will be the “Where Are They Now?” kind of episode. Tune in to see all the tears, drama, and train wrecks!
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    Re: 16 and Pregnant Recap Allie 6/21: Crazy Crack Granny

    Yes....16year olds are typically in 10th or 11th grade.....I don't get it either! LOL

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