Hello and welcome back to another week of 16 & Pregnant! If all five of you still watching have been wondering where the recaps have been, well, let's just say I took a few weeks off myself to ponder why I'm still watching this garbage dumpster of a show. Every week when I watch, I just get more mad. Most of the dads are douches, most of the girls are so easily manipulated, and most of the parents so far actually do mean well but the kids just refuse to listen. The episode description for this week hints at the fact we will be dealing with an adoption episode. I'm sure this will be interesting. In case you missed it, read on to see what happened!

This week, we meet Kianna. Kianna is a 17 year old soon-to-be senior from Fort Worth, Texas. She lives with her mom and doesn't talk to her dad. She has a boyfriend of 2 months named Zak. Zak is only 15. Yikes. He can't even drive a car yet! Like Kianna, Zak lives with his mom and doesn't talk to his dad. They live 30 minutes apart. Kianna reveals that she didn't take her birth control for 3 days while having sex with Zak. Yeah, that'll do it. Kianna's mom, Rachel, was also a teen mom and she is furious at Kianna for getting pregnant. She looks really young. Oh wait, that's because she IS really young.

Kianna tells her mom that she didn't immediately tell her about the pregnancy because she planned on having an abortion. When push came to shove, it was too hard and she couldn't go through with it. She is currently thinking about adoption.

Kianna finds out they have having a boy, and as the due date gets closer, she thinks about adoption more and more. She doesn't feel like she is financially ready to care for a child and she worried about all of the things she wants to do with her life. Kianna drops the adoption bomb on Zak, and he isn't very happy. She tries to give him all the reasons why they can't support a child, and Zak says he wants to raise his child because his dad never was around and he doesn't want to be like that.

In order to help her graduate on time/early, Kianna will be going to a new school for her senior year. Her first day is okay, but she feels like people are looking at her funny. She talks to Zak again about adoption, and he still isn't happy about it. He thinks she is going to regret her decision. She goes to the doctor, and after getting some new pictures of the baby, she isn't so sure about adoption. She talks to Zak again, and asks what they are going to do. He wants to raise the baby. I'm sure by “raise the baby”, he means have his mom drive him to Kianna's house once and awhile to say hello. He lives 30 minutes away and has no license. She wants to become a veterinarian and doesn't want her dreams to die because of the baby. She tells him that if they keep the baby, he has to be there for her even through the hard times. He agrees. They decide to keep the baby.

At lunch at school, Kianna says she only has around $130 dollars. Yeah, that isn't exactly going to cut it. She is hoping that her mom will help her out. Rachel is already in the hole paying for all of Kianna's doctor visits. She lectures Kianna and Zak on how hard things are going to be and she knows because she did it.

Rachel suggests that the children sit down and make a list of priorities and figure out everything they are going to need for the baby who will be coming sooner than they realize. Kianna's new school offers day care, so that will be taken care of. They decide that they'd like to name the baby Kay'den. They both applied for jobs but neither of them has heard back. Kianna's school has a parenting class, and it's Kianna's turn for the fake baby. She has a baby doll to take care of for the whole weekend. Zak tries to quiet it when it starts crying, but he doesn't do the best job. He says he will be ready when the real one comes.

Kianna is 3 weeks away from her due date and her feet are super swollen. She goes to the doctor and the doctor wants her to keep her urine for 24 hours. Also, they test her kidneys. She is a higher risk patient because of her young age. If there are any signs of preclampsia, she will be admitted to the hospital. For now, she is at home on bed rest. The doctor calls and informs Kianna that she and the baby are both at risk and she needs to be induced. Ruh roh. They don't have anything at all ready for the baby.

Many hours into labor, there is still no baby and Kianna is in a lot of pain. She asks for pain meds which make her a bit crazy. She says she feels free and her head feels like it's floating. Everyone laughs. 13 hours into labor, she still isn't dilated enough to start pushing. 15 hours into labor, she is only 4cm dilated and she has to get to 10. After a few more hours, there hasn't been any progress, so the doctor wants to do an emergency C section. The baby is having some swelling in his head because she isn't dilating and it isn't safe to have the baby pass through the birth canal. After an emergency C section, a healthy 5lb 9oz Kay'den Elijah comes into the world.

After three days in the hospital, Kianna is allowed to leave. While she's there, Rachel and Zak work on putting together a room for the baby. Kianna is still in a lot of pain and she worries because Zak is still in school. After school, Zak goes to Kianna's house to help with the baby. He makes dinner and changes the baby's diaper. Since he relies on his mom for rides, he won't be back for a few days.

Kianna is exhausted from taking care of the baby alone. She owes her mom money for various baby supplies. She doesn't think Zak realizes how hard it is for her to raise the baby practically alone. She is worried how life is going to be when she starts back to school. I give the girl credit for really caring about her life. She doesn't regret keeping Kay'den, but she knows she can't keep going without more help.

Kianna starts back to school and drops Kay'den off at his first day of day care. Lucky for her, the day care is right at her school. Her friends ask her if she's happy and she says things aren't the same as they used to be. She talks to Zak and tells him she needs more help. She wants him to be with her 24/7 and be a family. She tells him she is exhausted all the time. Zak is now 16, so she hopes he will get a job. She doesn't want having a baby to stop her from graduating. She also wishes she was more responsible because she wasn't ready to have a baby.

Finally, a girl on this show I like. I think Kianna has a good head on her shoulders and I really think Zak is going to try to be a good father since he didn't have one in his life. We'll see how long it lasts, but I think these two might actually have a shot. Well, at least until they end up on the next season of Teen Mom and we find out they are broken up. It wouldn't surprise me.