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Thread: 5/31 show discussion Izabella **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 5/31 show discussion Izabella **SPOILERS**

    This girl was about to start her sophomore year of high school, so she was only in 9th grade when she got pregnant! She did seem a lot more mature that most of the kids we see on this show though. When she & her dad were at the restaurant & he told her that Jairo better get it together otherwise he would be holding her back, Izabella agreed with him. So different from most of these girls who don't get it...if a guy has no education & no plans, he's on the fast track to nowhere. Izabella understood that, which is very mature for a girl her age, IMO.

    Her dad also made a very valid point when the uncle was saying that Jairo needed to get a job, any job. I thought it was very insightful of her dad to argue the point that if Jairo were to do that & not get his education, then his future would be in minimum wage jobs, but if he gets his education, then his prospects of gainful employment would be better, which would benefit not only Jairo, but Izabella & Enrique. Points to dad for looking at the big picture, not just the moment they were in right then.
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    Re: 5/31 show discussion Izabella **SPOILERS**

    I agree with helping the kids all you can for so long as they are doing well in school. They can do helpful things around the house like cut grass, weed the yard, take out trash, wash windows, run errands, etc. to make up for their room and board too. Without the education, their employment opportunites will be limitied. Heck, even with a college degree, jobs are hard to find.

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    Re: 5/31 show discussion Izabella **SPOILERS**

    You know, I was raised Catholic-went to Catholic school all my life, was surrounded by all Catholics, church twice a week. And while no one in my family or school every told us about birth control aside from saying that abstinence and the rhythm method were the only two acceptable forms (okay, AFTER they tried to scare us out of sex by showing us a video of a live birth from the doctor's point of view and saying we'd go to hell if we had premarital sex) I sure knew about condoms and the pill. I can't imagine a girl like Izabella growing up completely ignorant of all pop culture and the numerous references to birth control that exist today. And hey, the girl is on MTV, it's pretty reasonable to assume she's seen the show before. I can't understand how any teen not in some obscure cult wouldn't know about birth control these days. She probably-just like so many of the other kids on this series-just chose not to use it, maybe because it didn't feel as good, or maybe because she didn't want to go against her religious beliefs. But I just don't but the argument that she didn't know anything about birth control.

    For those who wondered about Catholic beliefs-the Church teaches that the goal of sex is procreation. So if you're doing anything that can prevent conception-ie, the pill, condoms, IUD- you're going against God's will and committing a sin. The rhythm method is an acceptable form of birth control (family planning) because it's still possible to conceive even if the parents are trying to avoid that end result.

    Of course, sex outside marriage is forbidden anyway, so I guess if you're gonna break one rule you might as well break another and wear a condom.

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