Welcome back, fans of trashy reality TV! Every time I see these children and their drama on TV, I feel happy to not have to deal with all the stuff they do. You know, trying to decide which maternity prom dress looks best on me, or wondering whether my 16 year old boyfriend will go to the football game this Friday night or stay home with his baby. I still can't bring myself to genuinely feel “bad” for any of these girls, simply because they got themselves into this situation. Heck, rumor has it that some of them got preggers on purpose to be on MTV. Lofty life goals there.

This week we meet Cleondra. Interesting name. She is 17 and from Horn Lake, Mississippi. She loves dancing and was part of a dance team that went to a national championship. Her mother raised 5 kids, including another baby who had a baby. Cleondra's sister had a baby at age 17 and she helped out big time raising her sister's child. Cleondra has been with her across the street boyfriend, Mario, for a few years.

Cleondra was originally considering an abortion and says that Mario had the money for it and everything, but she needed to jump through a bunch of hoops since she's a minor. Her mom, Dixie, says she was all for it. Apparently Cleondra changed her mind at some point but I'm not exactly sure why. When Mario found out she was preggo, he dropped his plans of heading to the army and instead got a full time job. He is also trying to fix up his house so Cleondra and the baby can live there. He tells her when the baby arrives, he won't be spending the night at her house.

Mario's dad is encouraging him to get Cleondra to stay with them. He says there is too much going on over at Cleondra's house. Mario and Cleondra are celebrating their 2 year anniversary by Mario cooking a nice dinner for them on the grill.

We find out that aside from the fact that Mario and his dad live across the street from Cleondra, Mario's mom lives just around the corner as well. She seems like a real piece of work. She isn't ready to be called “grandma” yet so she wants to think of a different name that the baby can call her. She looks like a clown sneezed makeup all over her or something. Yikes. She says that they have to choose between Nona, Gigi, or Yaya. Cleondra says she is a grandma and she can be called grandma. She is adamant that she isn't old and won't be called grandma. Mario's sister suggests that they pick some baby names instead. Yaya likes Twilight and Emara. Twilight? Seriously? Mario's sister like Cambria. Those two are sassy bitches. Sheesh.

Cleondra's friends planned a baby shower for her and she is really excited because she hasn't seen them for awhile. She gets a bunch of cute baby stuff.

The next day, Cleondra goes into labor. After a few hours of labor, little 6lb 12 oz Kylee Sue makes her debut into the world. Two days later, Cleondra and Kylee go home. Mario asks how things are going to work because he “can” stay at her house, but he isn't. That's so stupid. He says it doesn't make sense because he wants to go to his house to get some sleep. She says she just had a baby and wants to be in her own bed. Mario has no clue. It seems like a majority of these dads are completely unsupportive. He acts like he just spent hours pushing out a kid and needs to go home and sleep. Oh wait, that's your girlfriend who you should be supporting! Cleondra's mom and mom's boyfriend are helping out a lot and Cleondra's sister is staying home more to deal with her own child. Mario hasn't been seeing Kylee much and complains to his mom he doesn't want his daughter growing up in Cleondra's house.

Cleondra is having a tough time keeping up with the baby and her schoolwork. She will only be missing 2 weeks of school because Christmas break is part of her time off, but she has to do well on midterms. She left to take her test and left the baby with her sister. Mario isn't happy that he didn't know about it. He doesn't know what goes on in the house and doesn't like he wasn't asked. He tells her to call him or call his mom and sister because they would be happy to watch the baby.

The next day, Cleondra calls Mario and asks him to come over to her house to help put the baby down. He says he is tired and just doesn't feel like doing anything. Wow, I want to kick him in the face. She's tired too, considering Mario is a sorry excuse for a father at the moment. He pulls out the “blah blah if she were at my house I'd be the one putting her to sleep.” He keeps throwing it in her face that she is at her own house. Cleondra asks her mom if she can go stay at Mario's house just to show him what it is like getting through the night with a newborn. Her mom says yes, but she has to let Mario be the one getting up with the baby to show him what he has been missing. The baby starts crying at 4am and Mario is sound asleep. Cleondra tries to wake him up but he just keeps snoozing. She realizes that no matter where she sleeps, Mario isn't going to help with the baby.

It's January, so Cleondra is heading back to school. She and Mario had to agree on a babysitting schedule, so the baby goes to someone different everyday of the week. Her mom's boyfriend has the baby Monday, Mario on Tuesday, Mario's mom on Wednesday, her mom on Thursday, and Mario's sister on Friday. Yikes. That poor kid is getting passed around like a hot potato. Dixie realizes that Cleondra and Mario haven't been spending any time together which prompts Cleondra to have a talk with him. She tells him that she is just exhausted and would like to have more time with him and more help from him. He goes on and on about the moving in thing again, blah blah.

Dixie and Cleondra invite Mario and his mom (Maria) over to clear the air. Cleondra points out that she asks Mario to come over and he always says he is tired from work. She says that his feet don't hurt, he doesn't cramp, his boobs don't hurt, etc etc like her. He wants Kylee to sleep at his house and give Cleondra a break. Maria actually sticks up for Cleondra and says as a mother it's different at night. You want to know your child is safe with you. She suggests Mario stays at Cleondra's one or two nights a week to help out. Dixie says if they can't compromise now, they aren't going to be able to compromise when they are living together. Both moms point out how much they loved each other before the baby.

Cleondra says that her life is a big balancing act, but she knows it will all be worth it because she wants to live an awesome life. I think she has a great attitude and I hope Mario starts to come around to helping her out more. If not, I'd kick his butt out the door.