Just when you thought the “babies having babies” craze was calming down due to the finale of Teen Mom 2, MTV decides to keep the baby carriage rolling. That's right, it's time for another season of 16 and Pregnant. Why not have another season of a show glorifying teenagers having babies? I read online that kids are actually TRYING to get pregnant with the slight hope of making it on MTV's reality show. Barf.

The first episode of our new season focuses on a girl named Jordan from St. Louis, Missouri. We quickly learn she has an identical twin named Jessica. Her parents divorced when she was young and raising twins was too much for her mom to handle, so the girls were adopted by their grandparents at age 9. At the age of 15, the girls left high school to pursue modeling careers. Their grandmother would follow them around the country and act as their tutor. Jordan has a boyfriend named Brian, who is just all peaches and rainbows and gumdrops according to Jordan. There is tension between Jessica and Jordan because Jessica is used to being Jordan's #1, but now that Jordan is pregnant, she has to take a backseat role.

Even at 30 weeks pregnant, Jordan's grandmother is still barking in her ear about sex and responsibility. Jordan and Jessica both stopped the tutoring and regular schooling in order to enroll in GED classes. Jessica tells Jordan she hopes Brian isn't there when Jordan goes into labor so she can be the one there for Jordan. I understand the twin thing is strong, but Jessica seems a bit psycho. She whines to Jordan about feeling left out and things changing, blah blah. I'm surprised she doesn't go out and get pregnant too.

Jordan reveals that she got pregnant even though she was on “The Pill”. Apparently she didn't realize she hadn't been taking it long enough for it to take effect. Wow. Brian doesn't even remember what she looks like non-pregnant because she has been pregnant most of their relationship. I can give Jordan props for being on birth control, but it isn't going to matter if you don't understand it.

Jessica throws a baby shower for Jordan and they play all those stupid games everyone hates. Apparently it's a co-ed shower, because I see guys scattered around the room too. Jordan and Brian have decided to name the baby Noah. Jordan asks her grandmother if Brian can move in, but her grandmother isn't sure. He is going to give up going away to college in order to stay in town, be a dad, work at a restaurant, and go to community college. Hmmm... I think I like this Brian guy. Adam or Jo could take a lesson from him. Jordan and Brian assures the grandmother that they want to be together and they want a strong relationship and family for their son. She gives the OK for the move in, but she's worried about how everything will affect Jessica.

Jordan drops the big Brian bomb on Jessica, and of course she isn't happy. I guess I can understand the whole animosity thing. She's worried that she won't be able to hang out in Jordan's bed because Brian will always be around. Brian starts to unpack and Jessica leaves the room. Jessica makes Brian move down at the dinner table. She comments several times that things will never be the same. She makes fun of Jordan for painting a mug for Brian. Get a grip, girl.

Later on, Brian confronts Jordan and tells her that he really wants it to be just him and her in the delivery room. He doesn't want Jessica in there because he feels like it will take away some of the specialness for him and he doesn't feel like he will get to bond with Jordan and Noah if Jessica is there too. Jordan begins to cry and is afraid her sister will hate her. Brian thinks Jordan needs to make Jessica realize she won't be the number 1 person in Jordan's life anymore.

Jordan tells Jessica what Brian wants, and Jessica begins to cry and whine. She says that Jordan's life revolves around Brian, but Jordan insists it revolves around the baby. Again, I understand this is a tough situation and twins share a special bond, but Jessica isn't the one having this baby. I agree with Brian. Jessica decides to act like she's 6 years old and skips out on Jordan's doctor appointment. Her absence technique works, and Jordan tells Brian she wants Jessica in the room. Brian isn't happy, but he agrees.

Jordan, Jessica, and their friend hang out for a bit and then Jessica and the friend leave for some sort of game. Jordan is glad she didn't go because she is having back pains. She calls a nurse or doctor or someone and says she is having contractions about 5 minutes apart. Brian drives her to the hospital and she calls her sister on the way. The nurse tells her she is 3cm. Her sister arrives and Jordan asks Jessica to rebraid her hair. Of course she has to have wonderful hair for her sweaty gross birth pictures. Jordan is 5 hours into labor and still no baby. She is having contractions and crying about the pain. Jessica is filming everything and Brian is holding her hand. I'm noticing that Brian is wearing a ring on his wedding finger as is Jordan. I don't recall anything about those two getting married. Hmm.

After 7 hours of labor, little Noah James (July 14th, 7lbs 5oz) is welcomed into the world. Brian is crying and so is Jordan. The baby is taken to get cleaned and Brian is emotional. Awww. I like him. Brian hands Noah off to Jessica as a sort of peace offering. Everything is just kitties and puppies now.

Jordan learns to breastfeed and gets tips on how to change a diaper. Two days later, Jordan and Brian can take Noah home. Noah is screaming before they even walk in the door. They try to sleep, but Noah has them up just about every hour. They can't get him to stop crying. A few days later, Jessica wants to learn how to change his diaper. Jordan asks Brian to help her, which prompts Jessica to leave and start crying. She doesn't like it when the attention isn't on her. I think she has gone from jilted twin to annoying whiny jilted twin in my book. She says she won't help anymore, she doesn't care, blah blah. Jordan tries to explain that she and Brian need to learn to do things together and she needs to be a mom first and they will eventually need Jessica's help. Jessica goes running to her grandmother and cries that she wants things to be the way they used to be.

Noah has been crying and crying, he won't eat, and his mouth has been dry. Jordan starts crying that she can't get him to eat and she feels horrible. Noah screams and Jessica and their gram take the baby upstairs. A baby who has been crying for 3 hours straight, for days straight, won't eat, and has a dry mouth? Hmm... maybe someone should call the doctor? A few weeks pass and Jordan admits that she has had very little sleep and a lot of Noah crying and spitting up. DOCTOR!! Six weeks pass, and still the same. Jordan FINALLY makes a doctor's appointment.

Noah gets checked out and it's determined that he has severe acid reflux. He gets sent to the hospital to get an IV. Jordan cries and cries. I'd be crying too if my baby hadn't stopped screaming for 6 weeks straight. The next morning, Noah is discharged. He has to drink a new kind of formula as well as take medicine.

Jordan admits things are hard because Brian works and goes to school so much, but she knows it's all for her and Noah. She says being pregnant has been stressful and dealing with the tension between her sister and Brian is stressful. Jordan goes back to the doctor to get on birth control again. Let's hope it works this time. Jordan feels like she gave up so much for the baby. Her modeling career, her body, her freedom. Yep, that's what happens when you aren't careful.

Next week, the couple featured look like a real doozy. They are expecting twins and it appears the girl's mom hates the guy. The cops make an appearance, too. I'm sure they were just on their way back from Jenelle's house.